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Diving Lessons

Easy, small class settings for 1-6 Scuba Diving Lessons at a time in Crystal River, FL. 




The 2-Step process outlined below includes a required E-Learning course, then a 2.5 day in water training with instructor.


The Certification is lifetime and never expires. PADI is the most well known scuba certification company in the world, with over 29 million divers certified.

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Dive Training Built for Fun!

2 and 1/2 Days



Certification Course,


Never, Lifetime Certification

Best for

Shallow dives and Tandem Dives

You may just choose to purchase your dive code and begin your online training. Your dive code is additional fee and its your first step on your way to become a diver ( note; you must complete your skill training with in 1 year from your purchase)

Please note under water navigation is not required instruction in the Open Water Dive Class and would be why each student should strongly consider returning for their Advanced Open Water Certification, even if a open water diver does not feel they need further education in diving we strongly recommend that you reconsider further training achieving your Advanced Open Water Certification. Knowledge is power folks get your education on!

Diving Certification Classes
  • Reservations Required. Purchase each Step together, or Separate.

  • Minimum Age 10, Will need proof of age for 10-15 year old.

  • One order/transaction at a time, except an Adult with Minor(s).

Step 1



Prior to the class start date in Step 2, students must complete the E-Learning portion of their class. PADI estimates 5-10 hours and it is entirely dependent on how long it takes the student to get through it. 


E-Learning Classwork

Step 2

Must have completed Step 1. Step 2 is Required.


The PADI Open Water Dive Class is a 2.5 day class, typically a Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday  $320 plus tax for instructor fees, class work, boat fees and anything else $150 plus tax for full rental gear for both days. Students that have purchased their dive gear within the last year with proof do not have to pay the $150 for the rental gear.

Starting at: $320.00 + Tax/Fees

Classroom Coursework

Dive Classes
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Call Us for Questions

We would be honored to help you with your Diving course, and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

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