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Thanks for visiting, check out our story below, and let us know if we can answer any questions for you. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Our Story

​The Nature’s Adventure Center’s story begins many years ago in Citrus County, Fl. Our founder was a "starving artist" hoping to shoot advertisement photos for a tour company. She was presented an opportunity to shoot a few photos the next day and within 3 hours she was completely in love with manatees. 

Upon returning that day she was offered an opportunity to film the manatees daily. Unaware that accepting the position would alter her future. Her purpose then was to earn a living and support her family doing something she loved. However, as time moved forward, while working for multiple tourism companies, she realized that there seemed to be a disconnect between community and guided tour companies. 

The local community did not seem to understand the importance of the wildlife programs promoted by the guided operators nor the positive difference they were making for the manatees. Our founder believed in the guided companies’ message for visitors and the importance of the revenues these services provided for the local community. No other area nor industry had the public's ear daily performing manatee education and proper wildlife etiquette to thousands of tourists a year. Visitors from all over the world hear, learn and now practice the message taught by the guided operators of Crystal River, Fl. She then began to develop the Nature Center concept. A vision of creating a larger awareness of wildlife protection & conservation of ecosystems.


She believed strongly that her community also needed a path to learn daily manatee protection and preservation of ecosystems, hoping of course, that the community may also learn the important role of the guided tour companies’ wildlife programs and their place in the community, perhaps even creating a connection of community & operators. Our founder's journey now includes her daughter and husband creating the family business that operates today.

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